7 Stages presents Home Brew Festival
by various artists

November 9-18, 2017

7 Stages has been home to the development and premiere of dozens of plays including work by Topher Payne, Theroun Patterson, and Suehyla El-Attar. Be the first to hear next year’s blockbuster as we present a two-week festival of new play readings and guest artist workshops sure to get your imagination brewing.

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Thursday, November 9th at 8pm-Mark Kendall presents Black History Hour

Looking at the past, present, and future, Black History Hour will explore the strategies black people have used to protect their mental health and self esteem in the face of adversity. This solo sketch comedy show will look at the effects these strategies have on African-American communities, families and individuals. How have these strategies made us stronger? What are things we can change or improve upon?

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Friday, November 10th at 8pm-Theroun Patterson presents Red Summer

In the summer of 1919, a young black teenager stepped on the sands of a white’s only beach. Was it a mistake, or an act of defiance? What followed shaped the destinies of two families through history into the present day, where the descendants are about to meet again on a corporate battlefield in a world much changed, and yet not at all. As protests over the killing of a black teenager threaten to turn violent outside, three people confront the questions: What price must we pay to become a post-racial society? Can we ever truly make peace with the deepest of wounds?


THEO-Anthony S. Goolsby

YVETTE -Vallea E. Woodbury


BLACK BOY-Enoch King

EIRENE  -Maria Rodriguez-Sager


Stage Directions-Maggie Birgel

Directed by- Amber Bradshaw

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Saturday, November 11th at 8pm-Daryl Fazio presents Deer Play

When charismatic Mississippi good ol’ boy and champion deer hunter, Oscar Moak, one day doesn’t seem able to shoot, he and a talkative doe take his family on a wild ride. While Oscar shuts down, the doe tries to coax him out. Meanwhile, Oscar’s father loses the will to fight, his mother takes renovations into her own hands, and his devoted wife discovers adrenaline. If you’re afraid to die, does it also mean you’re afraid to live?


OSCAR-Eric Clem

FRITZ-Rial Ellsworth

JEAN-Marianne Fraulo

DOE-Danielle Thorsen

COURTNEY -Sarah Elizabeth Wallis

Various Voices/Stage Directions-Brandon Conner Partrick

Movement Deviser-Ashley Anderson

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Thursday, November 16th at 8pm-Rachel Parish presents Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. by Alice Birch*

Hilarious. Tragic. Muscular. Mind expanding. Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again by Alice Birch is about as timely a play as you can get. A feminist call to action, this play reveals those questions that are just at the tip of your tongue, in the corner of your eye and creeping up your spine. Get ready for a wrestling match of language, behavior and societal norms which will leave you feeling surprised by your own surroundings and energized for what is yet to come.

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Friday, November 17th at 8pm-Pam Joyce presents Dipika Guha’s Art of Gaman 

It is the early 1940’s when young Tomomi’s steamer leaves Japan headed for San Francisco. Her arrival coincides with the first wave of west coast Japanese internment, so when an old man on board offers to arrange her marriage to his son who lives in New York, Tomomi knows she must accept. At once funny, intimate and deeply theatrical, The Art of Gaman is an account of one woman’s struggle for independence and self-expression through her life and American history.

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Saturday, November 18th- 

  • The Art of Activism: A Creators Summit from 11:30am to 1:30pm

Join us as for brunch (provided by Babs Midtown ) with all 7 of the Home Brew Festival lead participants! Each playwright/director will be giving a “Ted Talk” style presentation on a particular aspect of the creative process. Pre-registration not required, but is encouraged HERE

  • Topher Payne presents Angry Fags 2.0 at 2:00pm

Bennett is really trying to keep it together right now. He broke up with his boyfriend and moved in with his best friend Cooper. It’s election season, and he’s the speechwriter for Georgia’s only gay state senator, who’s engaged in a bloody campaign against a conservative darling. Then Bennett’s ex is attacked in the parking lot of a gay bar. Bennett and Cooper are informed by a police detective that the assault can’t be classified as a hate crime. Because in Georgia, hate crimes against homosexuals don’t legally exist. Their frustration and fear eventually turns to rage, as they realize that “acceptance” simply isn’t enough they’re still living in a society that relegates them to second-class status. They’re not respected. They’re not feared. It’s time for that to change.

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  • Theresa Davis presents Then They’ll Tell You It’s All In Your Head at 8:00pm

In her first scripted world premiere, Theresa Davis takes the stage as only she can: With her visceral words and embracing storytelling in a one-woman manifesto of what it means to be black, human, female, mother in America. Enter her world of a sanctuary of bars and stages, places where honest spirits haunt and share, where muses make the world make sense and assure her that she is walking in her purpose visible to all who choose to see. Intertwined with poetry from her new collection “Drowned: A Mermaid’s Manifesto, with Sibling Rivalry Press, Davis makes it clear that these issues are not all in her head, and that NO, you cannot drown a mermaid.

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*“Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

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