Main Stage Grid Circuits

Mainstage 46′ 1″ wide X 30′ 4″ deep oak sprung dance floor Fixed Grid Height: 19’-0”

Grid Pipes are 10’-0” on center House is a steep rake; 12′ rise over a 35′ run Seats 202

Sound Equipment:
1 Presonus 16 channel digital mixing console
2 Crown Mico 600 watt power amps
1 Ramsa WP-1400 2 channel power amp
1 Furman power supply w/mini lamps
1 Gemini dual deck CD player
1 16 channel snake from booth to S.L.
2 Panasonic 400W Speakers
1 Clear-Com intercom system with BS/SR/SL/booth stations
4 Head set & boxes
2 Fender Passive Onstage Monitors

Lighting Inventory:

Type Quantity
6” Fresnel 16
PAR 64 6
Colortran Mini 14
ETC Source 4 Bodies 26
19° Barrels 5
26° Barrels 10
36° Barrels 10
50° Barrels 3
3 Color Cyc Lights 3
4 Color Cyc Lights 1
Elation SixPar 100 LED Pars 8
Total Instruments 79

Circuits – 76 Stage Pin

Dimmers – 63

  • 16 Scrimmer II 1.8k dimmers (dimmer per circuit)
  • 32 Scrimmer II 2.4k digital dimmers (dimmer per circuit)
  • 13 NSI 2.4K digital dimmers (for remaining re-patch circuits)
  • 2 are dedicated to house lights

ETC Element 40/500 Console

Boom Pipes: 6 ranging in height from 8’-6” – 12’-0”

Boom Bases: 6

Soft Goods Inventory:

There are eight black legs (18′ x 8′), four on either side of the Mainstage, creating the only wing/offstage space. There is one blue cyc, one black scrim and one white scrim in good condition. Renter must discuss the proper handling of the soft goods with the Technical Director before attempting to adjust them. Renter will be charged for any damages incurred through improper handling. Soft goods can only be used with the permission of the Technical Director.


Back Stage 26′ 6″ X 33′ 3″ Grid is floating at 19′ but does NOT fly. Seating consists of 3′ x 8′ platforms that can be legged at any height. Seats up to 90

Sound Equipment:
1 14 channel Mackie Board
1 Gemini CD player
1 Altec/Lansing Power amp.
2 Hanging main full-range speakers
1 DOD rack mount power supply w/mini lamps

Lighting inventory:

Type Quantity
6″ Fresnel 13
PAR 64 4
Colortran Mini 11
Altman 6×9 11
Altman 6×12 8
Total 47

Circuits – 40 Stage Pin

Dimmers – 40 (1 to 1 patch)

ETC Express 24/48 Console

Lighting inventory is constantly changing and availability is subject to approval. Contact the Technical Director for a current inventory. The Technical Director must approve all light plots and instrumentation. Lamps in the instruments expire from time to time. 7 Stages keeps a running inventory for the instruments in stock. If a lamp should expire, notify the Technical Director of the type needed and he will make available a replacement lamp.

All instruments must be hung from the existing grid and/or light trees. All hanging instruments must use a safety cable. Any floor-mounted instruments must have the cable taped to the floor with gaff tape or covered with carpet.

Gel is not provided by 7 Stages, it is the responsibility of the renter to provide gel and other expendables such as gaffer’s tape, glow tape and gobos.