7 Stages collaborates with local, national, and international artists to initiate and develop performance.

Creations that exhibit promise, stimulation and provocation become a part of our Home Brew Series. Enjoy performances and readings from never-before-seen projects in various stages of their creation.

These Works In Progress are Complementary!

September 28
Home Brew presentation of L’étranger by Michael Haverty
An original, multimedia adaptation of Albert Camus’ novel The Stranger told with a combination of punch and judy-style hand puppets and noir-inspired animation and cinema, with additional object theatre and masks. Reserve your complimentary ticket HERE

October 5
Home Brew presentation of TIT by Elizabeth Dinkova and Jesse Rassmussen
A female-centric retelling of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus. The cycles of violence caused by the artificial divides of race, sex, class, nationality that keep people who otherwise would have been great allies apart are explored through an ensemble cast of actor-musicians. Reserve your complimentary ticket HERE

For more information on how you can be a part of the Home Brew Series, please contact our Artistic Director Heidi S. Howard