7 Stages collaborates with local, national, and international artists to initiate and develop performance.

Creations that exhibit promise, stimulation and provocation become a part of our Home Brew Series. Enjoy performances and readings from never-before-seen projects in various stages of their creation.

These Works In Progress are Complementary!

JANUARY 18, 2020

Adult Night School

She came to teach, and got a lesson she was not expecting.

You are cordially invited to savor 7 Stages’ Home Brew Production of Adult Night School, a brand new play from the creator of The Punany Poets (HBO real Sex/Playboy TV), Jessica Holter. Holter joins 7 Stages Theater in development of this cutting edge theatrical exploration of new female sexual values, moral boundaries, and deal breakers. Holter delivers a titillating ensemble of poetry from her controversial catalog of erotic and socio-political psalms in this deep delving probe into the misappropriation of female sexuality, the demonization of the Goddess, and the miseducation of the dom.

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