Tre Floyd is bringing Javon Johnson’s first stage play to Atlanta.  This heartfelt drama was written to make you question everything you know about love.

Vanessa, sexy but not yet forty, has been for many years a strong single African-American woman. Overworked and overloaded she has always found an ounce of fight still in her soul to keep pressing on… but how long can one person fight? How long can they bare the struggle in the dark without some hint of daylight? In her struggles, Vanessa now finds herself at odds with the undeniable fact that raising four children as a single parent has finally started to take its toll. She expects more and receives less. Her trust in men is near non-existence but that is put to the test when she is reunited with a blast from her past… a smooth talking and flashy R&B singer who rehashes old memories and introduces new ideas… ideas that thrusts Vanessa into a whirlwind of pain and confusion.

Show times are August 22nd-25th at 7PM with a 2PM matinee on Saturday and Sunday.  Tickets are available by visiting

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