By becoming a 7 Stages Community Ambassador you join a cohort of individuals eager to engage in conversations surrounding social issues and to promote the role that 7 Stages plays in contributing to the dialogue.

  • To get started fill out and submit this brief form so we can get to know you and the topics that interest you most.
  • We will follow up with you after we have review your form to set up a briefing on show subject matter. You will then have the opportunity to:
    • Spread awareness via existing community partnerships.
    • Attend selected performances in the role of 7 Stages Community Ambassador and interact with audience members in the lobby before the show, providing an opportunity to jump start the post-show conversation, share resources, etc.
      • *It doesn’t matter if you do not have any prior community engagement/interests if you find yourself simply wanting to serve as an ambassador for a particular performance whose subject matter you aren’t familiar with. All you need to do is be involved.

Volunteer a skill!

Contributions of your time are as valuable to 7 Stages as any monetary donation. If you have a talent or service you think could be a valuable addition to 7 Stages (such as graphic design, set construction, data management, or many others), please contact us, at 404-523-7647 or by email, and we will put you in touch with the appropriate staff member.


If you are interested in being an usher with us this season please contact our Patron Services Manager via email.