The Park

by Botho Strauss

October 25th – November 19th, 1989

The Lizard of Tarsus

by Jim Grimsley

January 31st – March 4th, 1990

Ain’t No Use in Goin’ Home, Jodie’s Got Your Gal and Gone

from the life and writings of Junebug Jabbo Jones

March 7th – 25th, 1990

Yardbird’s Vamp

by Robert Earl Price

April 18th – May 6th, 1990

Cry of the Mantis

by Ralph Günther Mohnnau

April 25th – May 13th, 1990

Haiti <a Dream>

written by Karen Sunde

May 24th – June 10, 1990


by Irene Fornes



by Amiri Baraka

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